Shane Haddy – Hints and Spices, in Elitismstyle, March 21 2013, Heath Campbell


OK! So I was a fan of 80s/90s Japanese/American anime. There, I said it.
Voltron (Lion Force, obviously, the other one was rubbish), Robotech, Evangelion; these shows were the most important part of my Saturday morning ritual as a kid, and woe betide any fool who tried to disturb me at those times!
When I was a little older (and less prone to tantrums), a friend introduced me to the old Japanese monster films starring the wonderful but slightly lame on-screen leviathans Gamera, Mothra, and the much overrated Godzilla. Clunky, lumbering – but somehow terrifying – city-crushing monsters, brought to life on the big screen.

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