BackGround – Emma Kate Creative

A brave, passionate, artful story teller and designer, Emma Kate explores and documents the ephemeral affair which is life, with curiosity, erudite vision, and a self-professed fondness for anything French or polka dot.

“I love to design, photograph and string together words while travelling, connecting with kindred spirits and colouring the world with sparkle,” Emma confesses on her website.

The first glimpse I had of Emma’s work was at her September 2012 exhibition, Rêverie, housed in the suitably earthy surroundings of the Adelaide Treasury tunnels which rest beneath the Medina Grand hotel.

The engaging Rêverie colourfully documented Emma’s seven month study tour/soul-searching expedition through France and Europe during 2011. Evoking memories of my own wanderings through Europe, Rêverie was, for me, a joyous portrait of growth and discovery.


The bright-hearted Rêverie was Emma’s second major exhibition as an emerging artist. Her first exhibition, Chrysalis: Unravelling Anorexia, delved into an entirely different and darker subject matter.

Chrysalis, which showed across South Australia during 2009-2011, illustrated the artist’s own experiences with anorexia in an effort to promote the awareness of eating disorders within the Adelaide community.

This confronting and uplifting exhibition was so well received it was subsequently published as a book.

Emma’s talents as a communicator are not solely confined to the visual and the literary; her work has also included lecturing and speaking engagements promoting women’s health, creative therapy solutions for children, and the proliferation and acceptance of art throughout the community.

From joyous, to haunting, to heartbreaking – there is nothing which could be written about the artist and her work that isn’t already perfectly communicated by any one of her emotionally crystalline images.

I’ll let the words of a fellow fan sum up the effect Emma’s work has had on those lucky enough to have seen it:

“Absolutely amazing, inspirational, overwhelming, honest, unassuming, mindblowing. Thank you Emma for letting us into your world. You are an inspiration, and truly reached in and touched my heart.”


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