what is RESCRUB?

Welcome to Rescrub.

My name’s Heath. Hi.

I am a recent graduate of Industrial Design and post-grad Journalism, so I’m well aware of the difficulties involved in finding work upon leaving the protected confines of university life. Finding work in your chosen industry is hard. H-A-R-D! But there are people out there who have done it, and I aim to hunt them down and interview them to find out all of the different things you as a student/grad can do to increase your chances of finding work.

Here at Rescrub you will find interviews with professional writers, industrial designers, and graphic designers. By collecting a whole bunch of interviews with local, national, and international designers and artists I aim to provide some sort of roadmap for students and grads to negotiate the leap from study into industry.

The inspiration behind Rescrub came from a conversation I had with a university colleague about the overwhelming feeling of numb hopelessness which sets in just after graduation. The realisation that you must now leave the comfortable confines of university and set forth into the world to ply your trade, and not just spend every day in a state of constant panic, crying into your two-minute noodles.

At the mercy of employers, you muddle your way through interviews, try to get published (in my case), or exhibited anywhere you can, and get really good at dealing with rejection without losing your cool and/or your mind.

However, if you had access to a community of professionals who have successfully broken into the fields of art and design, then you could surely learn from their mistakes, and, of course, their successes.

This is where RESCRUB comes in; giving you, the newly qualified job-hunter, access to advice from the best writing, design, and art professionals. This information can be found under the HELPFUL HINTS FROM EXPERTS drop down menu.

You’re welcome, and good luck!

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